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How I Use Twitter

Over on a I saw jasraj talk about How I’m planning to use twitter (this time around). – I’ll be linking my Twitter and micro blog accounts– Once a week, I’ll login and gently respond / interactHow do you currently use Twitter? jasraj on his blog Back in 2014 I wrote about my love […]

Downloading audio from Youtube using youtube-dl

I saw Mike over at Initial Charge link to Listenbox Turns YouTube Channels Into Podcasts. This is a neat idea and something I’ve been doing sparingly with longer-form Youtube content that is mainly audio. However, I don’t need to pay a subscription for another thing in my life I’ll use on occasion. So I tweaked […]

Destiny 2

Latest Destiny 2 Posts I record a Destiny 2 podcast every week with my fellow Titan Nitedemon and fellow Hunter No1RespawnsinRL.


I feel I’ve been hibernating. I changed jobs in early March and the pandemic hit. I spent my days of government contracting waiting… Just waiting… Then I took a job supporting Web Conferencing Platforms. You know what that means? I support Zoom and Webex. I had no idea the world would soon revolve around Zoom. […]

You have my permission

You have my permission to delete. You have my permission to mark as read. You have my permission to skip. You have my permission to step away. You have my permission to log off. You have my permission to ignore. You have my permission to breathe. You have my permission not to feel bad about […]

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