Month: November 2018

Sprint Day

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Sprint Day

Sprint is offering free service for a year. That’s a $1,200 savings over our current T-MOBILE plan. I don’t have any reason to leave them but free is better than not.
There’s no contract or limitations. So if service is bad, we leave Sprint and switch back. But if it’s OK, then we have free phone service until next December and an extra $100 in our pockets every month.

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Grocery Game

I play a game to see how quickly I can scan, bag and pay for my items when I am checking myself out.

When I pay at a cashier, I play the game of trying to keep up with the cashier. I try to get items into the bags as fast as they can scan them and send them along.

There are some places which are terribly designed for a single person to scan and bag. Other places where there is no room for bagging whether you’re scanning or not.

Aldi has the right idea where they don’t bag at all and stick your items back into a different shopping cart. They have a long shelf area along the front of the store where customers can bag their items if they wish. It gets people through the lines quickly and the bottleneck becomes at the bagging area. But if you’re run in for a few items, it gets you in and out quicker than any other store.