Month: January 2013

More Thank You’s

There are not enough “Thank You’s” in my line of work.

I’m always the villain.
Never the hero.

It would be nice to hear more thanks for the work I provide to my customers everyday.

This got me thinking. How often are other thankless jobs recognized and appreciated?

How often does the legal team get a Thank You?

How often do Human Resources get a kudos?

What about your own manager? Do you ever tell them you appreciate their time and efforts?

It’s easy to get lost in feeling under appreciated and overworked.

Take today to tell someone how much you appreciate their work. Find a teammate, co-worker, or even someone in a department you barely know and say Thank you.

Send them an email.

Pass along a Card Against Apathy.

Or even better, put a handwritten note or card through inter office mail or on their desk.

Do something small for someone today to show you appreciate what they do.

We could all show more appreciation to those around us.

A customer at Tim Hortons decided to pay for the order of the next person in line. The trend continued for 3 hours and 228 people.

Can you start a chain of kindness today?


I read one book. Now I’m trapped.

I finished a story. I got all three parts. Completed. Finished.

But it was merely a glimpse. An introduction. The tattered edge of a map waving invitingly in the breeze.

Beckoning me. Begging me. Calling me to it. Demanding I dig deeper.

Deeper I went. There is another book. A sequel. Well reviewed and available.

It fills the gaps in the first story. It was less a sequel as the rest of the story.

The completion of a tale only half told.

I was excited. And conflicted.

I had other worlds to visit. I tried to dive in. Dangling my toe into their literary waters.

I swam in them. Forcing myself into the crashing waves and chilly depths.

But each time I regretted leaving my first world. It has stuck with me. Demanding my attention. Begging to show me more.

Hiking its skirt up and showing some leg. Legs that went on forever. There were even more books. An entire universe to explore.

A huge world I was merely a tourist in. I had stumbled in unknowingly.

It has me and it won’t let me go. I need to know more. I must visit. I must move there.

I must return to the world I know only vaguely. Armed with more questions than answers, I tip toe closer to its Siren’s song.

I am taken. Shipwrecked. With no hope of escape. Unless I learn all I can. And to do that…

I must read.