Netflix Streaming’s Hidden Treasure

Ever since the launch of Netflix’s streaming movies I’ve heard complaints about the lack of new or good movies available for streaming. Sure, due to the movie studios reluctance to join the 21st Century the latest blockbusters are not available. However, there is a huge untapped resource in Netflix. Documentaries! Netflix’s hunger for content and […]

Can you hear me now?

I was listening to a recent episode of 52 Pickup. Dave Caolo shared a story about witnessing a women in a grocery store hold up checkout line by diving into her gargantuan purse to find a ringing phone. As the cashier stood with change in hand and bags ready, she ignored him in favor of […]

Quick Tip – Due for iPhone

My mother always said I’d misplace my head if it weren’t attached to my neck. I am very absent-minded and Due for the iPhone and iPad helps me remember things. Events in the future go on to the calendar, but if I need to remember to meet my wife somewhere, if I have to walk […]

iOS Multitasking Misconception

Recently, I was having problems with the Home button on my iPhone. I took it to the local Genius Bar to get the unit replaced since it did not seem to be a software issue. The genius there told me I had too many apps running in the background and that can cause the button’s […]