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30 Days of Fitness – Dark Hell

I always look forward to Yoga days.

I wasn’t prepared for Adriene to say anything about leaning back into dark hell. It caught both my wife and I off guard and we burst into laughter because it was said to matter-of-fact.

The workout was a nice mix of stretches and typical yoga downwards dogs and cobras.

This day deserves its own post and it will get one tomorrow. For now, I leave you with two lessons.

Two Lessons for today:

  1. Don’t upgrade your router’s firmware after 11pm.
  2. Router shopping is an endless choice. Pick one and stick with it.

30 Days of Fitness – Day 4

It’s four days in and we’re still going strong. Sore, but strong. I am really feeling my arms and legs today. It’s funny how some workouts I feel immediately, while others take a day or two to really feel the soreness from. Every single day of 21 Day Fix makes me very sore.

When I did Total Body Cardio, I was sore for the entire week afterwards. I am glad we skipped that first day starting this month. I want to work but I don’t want to be so sore it sacrifices the work we’re doing the rest of the week. We will do it later in the month and I’m already dreading it.

Tonight, was another Yoga day.

We Reunited with Your Breathing today.

It was 19 minutes of slow breathing and stretching. It felt good, even on my sore arms. I am enjoying how Yoga with Adriene November calendar so far. It’s been slow and a nice balance to the intensity of 21 Day Fix.

Tomorrow is Pilates Fix. I can feel the soreness in my legs and core already.