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Permanent Record by Edward Snowden

My favorite part of this entire book is his description of how terrible it is live in the DC area. The traffic. The people. Just trying to get around is an entire evening’s endeavor.

Ed Snowden’s description of DC.

The second part I loved about this book is his description of the access to some administrators have. The ability to look into each and every part of a system because that person has to administer and fix that system when it breaks is like the hand of God reaching out over computer files and information.

Trust is a huge requirement when it comes to administering computer systems. Trust can easily be broken when there’s no oversight. And can be easily abused when there’s no accountability.

The hardest part of this book to read, by far, was the portions of his girlfriend Lindsay’s journal entries.

On Belay

Who are your belayers?

When I was 40 feet in the air on a pole, I knew there was a team of four people who had my back. They are my support. They held the ropes to catch me if I fell. They are my belayers.

They are the support network They allowed me to climb higher and work harder than I could have on my own. I knew, without a doubt, even if I fell they would catch me.

Those four people took away my fear of the task at hand. They took away my doubt because if I failed, they would catch me.

They are my safety net.

Who is your safety net in life? When you climb a little higher or make that leap of faith, who is there to catch you?