The internet is where we tell stories. This information superhighway conveys all manner or sound and light. It transports me to your home, to your work, to your pocket, office and bedroom.


The amazing system of tubes allows me to put my words and pictures on a truck and it appears in front of your eyes. It allows my voice to reach you. Wherever you are. A tiny piece of me can meet a tiny piece of you and for that moment, we’re sharing something.

We are not together. But for that moment, we’re connected.

Glitch Tales is about taking those moments. It’s about taking the parts of life we’re confused and intrigued by and putting them together. It’s a story told in pieces. It’s a story released in bits.

In the time of binge consumption, I want to release something slowly. I want to tell a story as it happens. Not all at once, but in the pieces as they were constructed.

I told the story over Instagram. I told it in notes on photos. Often many parts per day. I wasn’t sure where the story would take me. I didn’t know where I would end up or how I’d feel. But as the photos materialized, I added context. I gave meaning to nothing and I told a story.

I’m interested in storytelling. I want to experiment with how to tell tales. The moment we got the web, we tried to make things we knew fit into the new mold. I want to try something different, not something new. Because everything has been done before.

But this is my version of it. It’s not original. But it is mine. And that’s what makes it different. It’s new to me. I don’t know if you did, or do. I don’t know if you care or are just tired of me posting glitchy photos.

It’s not over. It’s barely begun. Tell me if you like it. Tell me if you hate it. Tell me a story.