The local casino is giving away $25 per week for the month of August. Annie and I went last night and brought no cash. We decided to spend our 25 free dollars and cash out anything we won.

Upon arriving and sliding my player’s card into the slot to redeem my promo dollars, I learned I had $35, Annie had $40. (The night’s first win.)

Normally, I do poorly. I win a little but here and there. I won $60 once. That’s my biggest win that I walked out with.

Last night was different. Playing Let’s Make a Deal I won a spin on the big wheel. And while I did not win the $8,000 jackpot, I did win a series of spins.

First win

$59.91. $82.24.

Second win

It was a good night for me. We walked out with $227.35 in our pockets. And the moment our promotional dollars were gone, we left.

I look forward to returning next week. Even if I walk out with $10, it is more than I had before.

Having the discipline to pocket the money and walk away is the biggest win of all.