Do you admire someone that makes cool things? Let them know. Send them a thank you note. Write them a letter or send an email. Send a private message on your social network of choice. Write a blog post and email them the link.

Writers and artists make things because they love to create. But there is no creation in a vacuum. If you appreciate their work, tell them about it.

Nothing lifts my spirits more than when someone responds to something I have written. I know people are reading my words when I write them. I can see analytics and hit counts. I can see there are people reading but I don’t know what they’re thinking.

  • Are they enjoying what I write?
  • Do they hate it?
  • Am I speaking to them or am I falling on deaf ears?

There are so many distractions on the Internet it is easy to overlook the human connection behind the words, photos and works of others.

There are people behind the screen names and avatars. There are humans with as much self-doubt and apprehension as many of us feel about putting their work out into the world. Hitting Publish is scary.

Tell them you enjoy it.
Tell them you got something from it.
Tell them you disagree.

It doesn’t have to be long. It just has to be.

This morning, the latest patron letter from Patrick Rhone appeared in my inbox and it spoke to me.

It was a piece called “What’s Broken?” It was all about taking stock of your environment and figuring out the little things that are broken. What small, daily annoyances could I remove from my life to reduce friction?

It spoke to me in its profound simplicity. And for the first time since becoming a patron, I sent him a little note in return.

He responded in kind. It was a short but meaningful exchange. He knew his words had resonated within me and I appreciated his words and I got the appreciation and wisdom from those words.

Take some time today and write a little note to someone your respect or enjoy online.

It will brighten their day and you will both feel good afterwards.