Day: April 15, 2015

Aphex Twin treasure trove

Lesley informed me there is a treasure trove of new Aphex Twin music. It’s on Soundcloud under the name user48736353001.

Struggling to keep 150+ demos — all with RDJ’s obtuse naming conventions — straight? There is now a multipage Google Document detailing not only the demos, but also RDJ’s discography, song list and gear. We’re told it comes via the intrepid folks over at We Are The Music Makers — big thanks.

(From Aphex Twin fans annotate entire demo dump on Genius)

The original article has a link to a playlist that’s no longer there. So act fast to fill your ears with this collection of early Aphex before it’s gone.

Here’s a short sampling of the tracks.

How to Verify your YouTube account

I have experimented with Twitch and recording my Destiny gameplay. I do this so friends can watch and just to play with the format.

Twitch can export video straight to YouTube but it requires a verified account to export anything longer than a 15 minute clip. Since the raid I recorded was 90 minutes, this was a problem.

So I asked The Great Sage, How do I verify my YouTube Account?
And it replied:

The process is surprisingly easy. Choose your home country then select whether you want an automated voice message or a text message with a code in it.

I received the text message immediately and entered it.
Congratulations! I now have a Verified YouTube Account™.
Now, to figure out what I can do with it.