Every morning I open a new document in MarkdownPad. This is where I will collect all of my thoughts for the week.

This is where all of my Dispatches from the Trenches take shape. This is where the bits of text, video and pictures get saved. This is where my thoughts begin to take shape.

As the week goes on, I pick pieces that speak to me. I rearrange. I replace. I edit. I try to find the why. Why am I taking the time and attention to share it with you, my lovely readers?

I try to find stories that moved me in some way. I try to find something that hasn’t been linked to a thousand times. I shy away from anything too popular. I don’t want to find something new to you.

If it’s trending, you likely won’t find it among my archives. There are of course, exceptions where the nostalgia is strong.

I dislike the trend of twitter-via-blog that has manifested itself in link blogging. And yes, I realize it predates Twitter. I know it’s so much easier to write a snappy sentence and post a link. It’s warming to bask in the glow of favorites, retweets and replies.

I miss longer-form pieces. I miss the minds behind the writing. Anyone can share a link with a snarky comment. I want to read the words behind your thoughts. I want to read your why.


This is now a challenge. I challenge you to write more words! Let me hear your beautiful voices through your sexy text. Shine your MarkDaggers and stab at your text editors!