Why does a man stand in a bathroom stall and read the newspaper?

He seeks solace.

Offices are mine fields of distractions. The cubicle walls allow every sound to permeate their beige walls. Every speakerphone call. Every one-sided conversation. Every ring. Every cough. Every rambling story. There is no escape from the noise.

There is no safety from the walk-ups. To be at your desk means you’re available at any minute for anyone to interrupt you for any reason. Headphones offer some relief. But the only true escape is to escape.

Pick up your newspaper. Take it to a bathroom stall. Choose the handicapped stall for more spacious sanctuary. Read the paper. Enjoy the silence. No one knows you’re there. No one is trying to call you. No emails are piling up in front of you. No one is going to stop by and talk to you. You’ve found solace in a bathroom stall.

Stand there. Read your newspaper, sir. The rest of the world can wait.