I love going to the movies. I go on a weekday night, not too late, and not to anything too new. I like going to a quiet theater.

There are no teenagers. There are no children. There are few adults and they are respectful. There is no opening night crowd, though those have their place too.

There is nothing to distract me from the movie. It’s just me, my snacks and the movie.

I love going to the movies because it’s a quiet time where I can turn off the outside world and be transported to a new one. I allow the suspension of disbelief to overtake me.

I liken the experience to the iPad. There is only time and space for one thing at a time. There is no internet to pull my attention. No one is going to call, email or talk to me.

I am sitting in that dark room, staring at the screen, completely taken in by the new world I am living in for the next couple of hours.

I enjoy that movies seem to be getting longer. I remember a time when most would barely clock in at 90 minutes, and often times barely run over an hour.

Looking over the list tonight, most were at least two hours and Lincoln clocking in at 2.5 hours. I like the longer movies because I get more involved in the story when there is more story to tell.

Two hours are about perfect to tell a story and not skip any key parts. It’s also not so long as to cause lulls in the plot.

Part of the film that drags on far too long and feels disjointed with the story with a perfect way to lose the

Movie theaters are magic and I relive that magic every time I visit.