I went through years of schooling and I didn’t learn anything to prepare me for life after school.

On a recent walk, my wife and I were discussing how we’ve both been through many years of school1 and we feel totally unprepared for adulthood.

We were never taught how to:

  • Prepare meals from fresh foods
  • Find time and motivation to exercise
  • Setup savings
  • Make and keep a budgets
  • Prepare for retirement
  • How to keep a house in good repair
  • Plan for unexpected expenses
  • How to care for a car
  • How to manage a credit card
  • How to buy in bulk to cut costs
  • How to research and choose the best product for you
  • How to buy a car
  • Splitting bills with roommates

What do you feel you were never prepared to handle as an adult?

  1. She holds a Master’s Degree and I a Bachelor’s.