The Mifi 4510 L and the Samsung SCH-LC11 4G Mifis from Verizon do not work in tethered mode. This means you cannot open the VZAccess Manager software and connect to the Mifi while it is plugged into a laptop over the USB cable.

The USB cable does still charge the Mifi device while it is working. However, I was warned by Carrie, the Verizon Wireless Level 2 Technician I spoke to on the phone, it will draw much more power than the 3G Mifis do and you may notice shorter battery life for the laptop.

Verizon’s 3G Mifis are able to run in tethered mode. This is not the case with the 4G models. It took me two hours of research and phone calls to find this out. Hopefully, this post will save you some time.