I’m finally making it happen! As of tonight I finally put together a new site at peroty.com. As a friend pointed out recently it was on the wayback machine. The first entry is Feb 3, 2001. Perhaps it is fitting that after 10 years of ownership of this domain and using it for a variety of different things that I finally launch a proper site there.

Now that I realize it would mark the decade of peroty.com perhaps I will launch the site and this entry on the third. We shall see.

However, my plan of action is already in place and moving forward. The plan is to launch peroty.com/blog as my primary blog for my writing primarily. I want to start writing more and having a dedicated place to share that will help me to keep the momentum going and that goal alive and well. I will keep my tumblr blog going as it is now for sharing and participating in that community and I may cross post or link across to the most interesting posts that end up here.

This site is going to be a mix of myself. It is called Tech in the Trenches so it will focus on technical issues and writing. The first post to go up was my Android article. The second is most likely going to be my spyware removal procedure. However, I am going to branch out and include my culinary adventures I undertake with my wonderful wife. I will also talk about the tools I am using, focusing on the small Windows tools and utilities that make my life easier. There are so many blogs focusing on the Mac there is a real lack of quality Windows information so I will focus some of my efforts on that.

There will also be reviews of movies, bands I’m really enjoying at the moment and pretty much anything else my brain decides to produce. I am a well-rounded person with a lot of varying interests so that will be reflected here.

In addition to the blog, I have a photos site up and running, just not publicly linked yet which will live at /photos. This part of the site, powered by Pixelpost and will feature photos I’ve taken with my iPhone or Canon s90 camera.

In the past I’ve tried to pigeon hole my sites with certain restrictions. As I did with Arctic Shooter I dedicated that site to cell phone pictures. This site will not share that same limitation which means I need to decide what to do with that site. I will most likely keep it going and post a random collection of photos to it. Whereas the photos that make it onto my site here will be more curated into a “best of” collection of sorts.

Here we are. The age of peroty.com is upon us. Let’s see where this wild ride takes me and I hope you’ll join me for it.