A Tiny Jellyfish Relative Just Shut Down Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River is now closed because more than half a billion years ago, a jellyfish-like animal started transforming into a parasite.

FBI Apparently Made Darkweb Child Porn Site Faster During Its Hosting Of Seized Server

A better child porn site, brought to thousands of criminal suspects all over the world by your tax dollars. What a time to be alive!

The motion to dismiss points out that making it easier and faster to download child porn images runs contrary to assertions the government has made in support of prosecutions and stricter penalties for child porn viewers.

Two Photography Tribes

In the first phase of a revival, each general keeps to its in tribe. 70-year olds sell to 60-year olds and stay off that new-fangled whatever that helped kill their business. 20-somethings sell to 20-somethings on the web and off, establishing a new tribe. Eventually, the tribes meet and either work together (in the case of vintage pens this is happening right now), or repel each other (this is what I saw yesterday at this show – other shows may differ).

Comprehensive Guide To Hillary Clinton’s Email

Was Hillary Clinton’s email server ever hacked?

No. The FBI found no evidence that Clinton’s server had ever been hacked.

Has the State Department email ever been hacked?

Yes. The State Department has admitted that they have been hacked.