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Kung Fury

With the right computer algorithms I can hack you back in time. – HACKERMAN

Kung Fury is a fantastic 80s-flavored kung fu time travel dinoriffic flick! It’s fun and ridiculous and I really enjoyed it! If you enjoyed Ready Player One you’ll enjoy Kung Fury.

If you don’t, Barbariana will be very disappointed in you.

Kung Fury

Now that you’ve seen it, you may enjoy Defocused 49: I have complaints about hair where Joe and Dan review the film as only they can.

2015’s Best Superheroine Movie

This is (so far) the best superheroine movie of the year.

Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez
Kendrick Lamar
Lena Dunham
Hailee Steinfield
Gigi Hadid
Ellie Goulding
Martha Hunt
Cara Delevingne
Hayley Williams
lily Albridge
Karlie Kloss
Jessica Alba
Ellen Pompeo(Luna) & Mariska Hargitay(Justice)
Cindy Crawford

With props to Tomiwa Aina’s comments for the list. Click through to get the timestamps and links to each appearance.

When a movie is just a movie

The science in Gravity was all wrong. Interstellar has no idea how space works. 2001: A Space Odyssey had some computer problems.

I don’t care.

I go to see a movie to entertainment. I want to escape. I want to lose myself in someone else’s story. I want to be entertained.

I am not concerned about accuracy of physics in a movie. I don’t care if the science is off. I want to be amused. I want to see a story being told. I don’t care if it’s accurate.

It’s a story, someone has chosen to tell. And I am ready to watch it.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel last night. After Moonrise Kingdom, which may be a perfect movie, I was excited. I purposefully didn’t read anything about the movie beforehand. I didn’t want to spoil the experience with other’s opinions.

I really enjoyed the visuals in the movie. I loved set pieces and design of the hotel. There’s some bits of humor that aren’t overt I really enjoyed. The bits of animation and models were fun and flowed nicely in the story.

But the story…

It was OK. Very predictable. Didn’t really have a good ending. I didn’t care about any of the characters. Edward Norton was a throw away character that could have been played by anyone.

I really liked Willem DaFoe’s character. He reminded me a lot of his performance in Boondock Saints. I like how Tilda Swinton was used. I enjoyed Jeff Goldblum being less… Jeff Goldblumy.

But in the end, any of the characters could have died, or been forgotten about and I wouldn’t have missed them. The story didn’t evoke any emotion in me. It was an interesting story. But not exciting and told very rigidly. The actors gave rigid performances. But that seemed to be the point.

The story was built around the visuals of the movie. But visuals alone do not make a good movie.

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