Adblock works by removing parts of web sites. It has a built-in list of ad companies it can block. But it can also block defined parts of web pages.

I decided to put it to good use this morning. I don’t like trending topics. I don’t need them and I do my best to avoid them. Their either vapid Celebrity Y said X about Celebrity Z nonsense or Clickbaity Headline.

I avoid them on Twitter easily enough but on Facebook their ever-present.

Until today.
Removing trending topics with Adblock.

I used adblock to remove part of the page where Facebook puts the Trending Topics, suggested friends and other ads. It worked after a reload of the site. Hopefully it will stick until they change the page design next time.

Here’s what the filter looks like in Adblock.
Facebook filter screenshot
The filter is:[id=”u_0_0″]

This has made using Facebook on the web more pleasant for me. Hopefully it will help you too.