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Stop YouTube videos from autoplaying

I subscribe to a number of YouTube channels. I like to queue up the videos I want to watch all at once. Then I go back and reorder and watch them. As you may know, YouTube loves to auto-play every single video you open.

I’ve stopped Flash from auto-playing on the Google Chrome browser already. But YouTube uses HTML5 video when Flash isn’t available. So they play anyway.

Until now!

So if you’re tired of videos bleating in the background without your consent, we’re completely with you! 🙂

That’s why we’ve created a Chrome plugin to help you stop HTML5 videos from playing. The videos will auto-pause right after page load. Buffering will start anyway.

Here’s a link to the plugin in the Chrome Web Store

This plugin works flawlessly with YouTube. I can open 10 videos and while they buffer in the background, not a single sound comes across my headphones because nothing is playing.

When I’m ready to play them, I press play and they’re already pre-loaded.

Chrome Quick Tip – Pull multiple tabs into a new window

If you’ve ever used the Google Chrome browser, you know all about tabs and how you can drag a tab into a new window. But did you know you can select a group of tabs and pull all of them into a new window?

  1. Select a tab
  2. Hold CTRL on the PC or on the Mac and select multiple tabs.
  3. Pull those tabs off the tab bar and into a new window.
  4. Enjoy your new set of tabs.
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