After 15 days of workouts, I really hit a wall tonight. I took a short nap after work. After that it was watching old episodes of Gold Rush (I really enjoy watching people succeed… and fail… at mining for gold based on their decision-making and experience.

Then the Capitals played a game like I felt. Lethargic. Exhausted. Uninspired. That’s also how I’d describe my efforts at Upper Fix tonight. It’s the easiest of the Fixes from Beachbody. I can do arms. I can’t do push-ups or planks. But I can do the weight work.

My arms are tired and I’ll wake up sore tomorrow but it’s day 15. And that’s 15 days of workouts this month. I keep saying it because it continues to feel good. It’s nice to hit the halfway point in this month and to have met the goal of working out everyday.

The mix of Yoga and 21 Day Fix has proved to remain a good option. Clean Eatz kitchen has made dinner an issue I no longer think about at all. It’s sorted. Its cheap. It’s low calorie and it’s the best decision we made this month.

Normally, after mortgage, we are about broke the first two weeks of the month. Every month. This is the first month in a long time I didn’t need to have my wife write me a check to cover our expenses (mostly food and gas) for the first half of the month. That’s a couple hundred dollars we saved.

It’s been a very successful month for both finances and fitness. Which has been the ongoing struggle where if one goes well, the other didn’t. Here’s to another 15 days of working out and eating well.