My grandfather used to work in a missile silo. I know he never wanted to be the one to press that button and send death hurtling towards millions of people.
This is a chilling thing to think about and one powerful ad.

I don’t want these flying through the sky.

From the Titan Missile Museum where my grandfather, Marvin Kelly was stationed. His hard hat is on display there. He was giving tours when they spent their winters out there. If you’re ever out there and want to put a human face and a reality to the threat of nuclear war, take a tour of the silo out there.

Michael Jackson was almost Jar Jar Binks

Today I Learned:
1. Michael Jackson wanted to be Jar Jar Binks but George Lucas wanted to do the work with CG instead of prosthetics.
2. Jar Jar as Lian Neeson’s character from Taken would be terrifying.

The video is episode three from a series called These Are The Actors You’re Looking For where Jamie Strangroom tracks down actors who played lesser Star Wars rolls.

He has also interviewed Boba Fett (Jeremy Bulloch) and Greedo (Paul Blake)