Remove Windows 8 Wireless Profiles an easier way

This morning a friend Tweeted in horror that managing wireless profiles in Windows 8 required using the Command Line. Windows had decided to hand on to a wireless network so she couldn’t connect to a new access point. Are you shitting me, Windows 8? I have to remove wireless profiles via COMMAND LINE???? Sweet Thor's […]


Microsoft Security Essentials

Please top me if you’ve heard this one before. I have _________ anti-virus installed on my computer but… But I thought the subscription was up to date. It wasn’t and I got infected. But I thought I had paid for protection. But I hadn’t and I got infected. But I got a virus anyway because […]

Windows Quick Tip – How to hide desktop icons

I first learned Windows could hide desktop icons after answering Help Desk tickets. I would get calls and emails from people saying, ALL OF MY FILES ARE GONE!!! When I would get to their desk, sure enough, their desktop would be empty. Completely empty. Now there are some people who keep a clean desktop, but […]

Windows Community

As a matter of profession and interest, I have always tried to keep current on both side of the Great Computer Divide. I have Windows running with my Mac at home. I support both and I’m fluent in both operating systems. I try to keep up on the latest developments, ongoing issues, and a running […]

Painless Windows Installation

I was excited about Windows 8. And even more excited about Windows 8.1. Then I realized last night that Windows 8 has been nothing but a daily annoyance since I purchased the upgrade and installed it. So last night, I upgraded to Windows 7. But first I backed up my computer. Always backup! Especially if […]