Windows Community

As a matter of profession and interest, I have always tried to keep current on both side of the Great Computer Divide. I have Windows running with my Mac at home. I support both and I’m fluent in both operating systems. I try to keep up on the latest developments, ongoing issues, and a running […]

Painless Windows Installation

I was excited about Windows 8. And even more excited about Windows 8.1. Then I realized last night that Windows 8 has been nothing but a daily annoyance since I purchased the upgrade and installed it. So last night, I upgraded to Windows 7. But first I backed up my computer. Always backup! Especially if […]

Living in (Windows) Lockdown

For those trapped in a corporate Windows world, all hope is not lost. Sure, your administrative rights are revoked. There is no way to run your favorite applications. You can’t use the tools you’d like to because it’s forbidden. But all hope is not lost. Portable Applications are your oasis. What are these portable applications […]

Simplify Windows Logons with the Dot Slash trick

One of my biggest annoyances in the move to Windows 7 is the loss of the drop down box for whether to login to a local account or a domain account. When you spend your life as a computer technician and constantly need to get access to local administrator accounts in addition to domain-based accounts, […]

15 Minutes to Critical

Critical ticket comes in 15 minutes before I’m scheduled leave work. Computer won’t boot. I cringe. I debate. I call the customer. He is there. I act nice even though I’m secretly disappointed. I agree to see him. I race upstairs. Windows 7 greets me. Looking cranky as ever. “Inaccessible Boot Device” flashed across the […]