Aphex Twin treasure trove

Lesley informed me there is a treasure trove of new Aphex Twin music. It’s on Soundcloud under the name user48736353001. Struggling to keep 150+ demos — all with RDJ’s obtuse naming conventions — straight? There is now a multipage Google Document detailing not only the demos, but also RDJ’s discography, song list and gear. We’re […]


Roominations – The Story of Nashville

I went to see a showing of the film For the Love of Music: The Story of Nashville. Upon arriving we were all handed a ham biscuit. Which was a great treat for getting up for a 10:30am showing. There was a Q&A Session with musicians Brett James and Amy Stroup hosted by Butch Spyron […]

Credit: Daniel Robert Dinu via Unsplash

Bonnaroo 2014

Today is Tuesday. I sit at my desk. I delete email. I reply to a few. I turn my fan on. It’s hot in the office. It’s always hot in the office. I feel the exhaustion. The weariness in my bones. My eyes sag. My head bobs. Everything is so fast. The Internet is talking […]


While reading Patrick Rhone’s excellent piece Listen to What You Love I took his advice to heart and adopted his playlists. In addition to Merlin Mann’s lists Revenge of the Smart Playlist and Music Only. In the process I rediscovered Robert Miles and his Dreamland album. This album has always held a special place in […]

The Start of Something Good

Art Versus Industry. They made me excited about music again. After being turned on to them by an online friend, and all around good person, Alex Morse who incidentally does their video and photo work, I’m hooked. They make me remember a time of Stabbing Westward and Nine Inch Nails, from The Fragile era. The […]