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Text expansion makes support a breeze

I’ve used various apps to expand snippets into full words or blocks of text for years. It’s made my work in support roles easier and saved me from retyping the same things constantly. I’ve not written much about it until now. I read a post from Chase Clemons on the Be Snappy blog and left […]

Credit: Daniel Robert Dinu via Unsplash

The Balancing Act

Balancing Act This is my work life now. I run. I run from event to event. I try to squeeze in lunch. I try to rest for a moment in-between events and obligations. I have no idea where I am going. My calendar is my Sherpa guide. I go where it tells me. I go […]



Your most important customer is your own team. Treat your colleagues as though they know everything you do. Wait for them to ask questions if they have them, and if they do, don’t punish them by reverting to a position of condescension. Don’t be the reason someone dreads coming to work, or the reason someone […]

The web is made of people

The best thing you can do for your customers is to stop thinking of them as customers. Think of us as people. You are helping people. You are serving people. You are a people yourself. A specific people. A person. You are a person. I am a person. We’re all persons. Each of us have […]

Slow Down

Working in support is overwhelming. It’s easy to fire off a quick reply or pick up the phone for a call and be short with your customer. I’ve done it. I’ve fired off an email without thinking it through and I left out some important information. Or I looked back on it after I’d hit […]