The web is made of people

The best thing you can do for your customers is to stop thinking of them as customers. Think of us as people. You are helping people. You are serving people. You are a people yourself. A specific people. A person. You are a person. I am a person. We’re all persons. Each of us have […]

Slow Down

Working in support is overwhelming. It’s easy to fire off a quick reply or pick up the phone for a call and be short with your customer. I’ve done it. I’ve fired off an email without thinking it through and I left out some important information. Or I looked back on it after I’d hit […]

Beyond the Reboot #5: Basic Acting Skills

Everyone has bad days. Everyone enjoys the weekend a little too much or stays up all night sometimes. We all have bad days where the last thing we want to do is to go to work and help people with their problems. Providing great service means a little acting. It doesn’t take much to put […]

Beyond the Reboot #3: Ability to Empathize

Time to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Once you know the problem and are communicating, show some empathy. Don’t just say you understand their problems. Show them you understand what they’re going through. They have hit upon a problem they can’t solve and it is frustrating them and preventing them from doing their work […]

Beyond the Reboot #2: Communicate Clearly

You can have all the technical expertise and customer service experience in the world, but if you can’t communicate clearly it won’t do any good. There are many barriers to clear communication with your customer. Jargon is the biggest barrier to clear communications. Jargon is a set of terms particular to an industry. Computers have […]