I’m always a sucker for advice pieces, especially when they are directed from adults to children. Unsolicited Advice for My Three Sons, In No Particular Order is full of greats bits of advice but one stuck out to me more than the rest. Names are a door handle to a person; that small little effort […]

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Trying harder is my customer support secret

Today I have tried to live up to my own ideal of trying harder and caring about other people’s problems. I received a call from someone working for the local state government. He was frustrated because he had been trying to access a database hosted at the Food and Drug Administration. He’s been unable to […]

Never Assume

Never assume the person you’re talking to knows what they’re doing. Never assume they know as much as you. They won’t. Never assume your instructions will be taken as you gave them. When you say, “Please type ‘’ into Firefox.” You assume they’ll type in just that. So you’re be thrown off when they get […]

Service Smiles – Share What You Know

Share What You Know! This is the biggest lesson I was reminded of this week. Despite being new to my team, I was able to step in and share some things I had learned. Using Partial playback to crop a WebEx recording First, did you know you can edit a WebEx recording straight from the […]

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Service Smiles – Smile in Service

Have a little fun. Support is not always serious troubleshooting. Technical jargon and nonsense-sounding language fills the day. There are places to sneak in bits of fun among the monotony. This week alone, I’ve said the following to customers: WebEx gets grumpy if you set too many alternate hosts so… There’s an unholy alliance between […]